In addition to writing on this blog I am a contributing author for CMS Wire. I have also contributed to a few books.


Globalization of Professional Services: Innovative Strategies, Successful Processes, Inspired Talent Management, and First-Hand Experiences
Edited by Ulrich Bäumer, Peter Kreutter, Wolfgang Messner

I have coauthored the chapter "Transforming into a Networked Organization to Empower a Distributed Workforce" together with Philipp Rosenthal

The chapter is available for personal, non-commercial use, as PDF.
Download it here.

Right Sourcing - Enabling Collaboration
Edited by Rien Dijkstra, John Gotze, Pieter van der Ploeg.

I have contributed with the chapter "A Business Case for Collaboration".


"Transforming into a social business" by Philipp Rosenthal & Oscar Berg

Articles for CMS Wire

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