I got my first own computer, a MacIntosh, in 1984. I had used computers before, but this one I fell in love with. The look and feel of the user interface compared to nothing I had used before. Even if I only had two applications from the start, MacWrite and MacPaint, I could do the things I loved the most on my Mac - writing and drawing. Ever since then I have known that everything that can will sooner or later become digital, and that the user experience must be at the forefront when designing digital technology.

In 1997 I completed my university studies at Lund University with a MSc in Informatics, Interactive Systems Design. In my master's thesis I applied communication theory to the design of graphical user interfaces. When I started working as a consultant, I quickly realized that the business world wasn't that interested in great digital user experiences. I did what I could to convince people. And I took some heat. Back then expensive things had to look advanced, and how could something be advanced if it looked really simple and was easy to use?

Today, 30 years later after I got my MacIntosh, the digital revolution is upon us. Everything that can become digital is becoming digital. Great digital user experiences are quickly becoming THE differentiating factor for businesses in competitive industries. Let's not forget that it all started with the MacIntosh! Well, it did for me at least :-)

So what do I do these days? Well, I help organizations in their digital transformation by shaping their digital strategies and designing digital ways of working. The key is to change how they communicate and collaborate using digital technology. I truly believe that to be successful in the digital age organizations must create great user experiences for everyone. They need to adopt outside-in thinking so that they understand what customers and users find important. They need to strive for simplicity in everything they do and focus on the things that create value for the customers and users. They need to enable true digital working. They need to empower their employees and make them fully engaged in their work.

If you're interested, I will tell you more about how you can make all of this happen.

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Listed on “Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts Global”

Listed by Microsoft as one of UK's leading Social Business Influencers. Despite the fact that I’m actually Swedish :-)

Listed on Alfresco’s “The ECM Blogger A-List”

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