Envisioning and shaping the future of work and business.


I am a consultant, author and speaker specialized in collaboration and the future of work. Throughout the years I have helped organizations of various size in various industries improve the way they communicate, collaborate and share knowledge and ideas, using digital technology. A lot of the ideas, insights and tools I have found useful are available in my books, “Collaborating in a Social Era” and “Den digitala arbetsplatsen”. 

Since I graduated from Lund University in 1997 with a MSc in Computer Science, Design of Interactive Systems, my main professional interest has been to create digital solutions that empower people and simplify their lives. Early on I realized that it requires both an understanding of people, their needs and their behaviors as well as seeing the opportunities that new digital technologies can bring. In 2016 I co-founded Unicorn Titans, a digital innovation agency, helping clients with experience strategy and service design to transform how they work and how they meet and serve their customers.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a business opportunity, or just want to connect and exchange ideas and experiences.