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Friday, June 26, 2015

Upcoming Book: Collaborating in a Social Era

10:43:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg No comments
I am very happy to announce that my book "Collaborating in a Social Era" will be available for purchase as ebook and in print this September! 

If you have appreciated my work and writings on this blog and elsewhere, such as CMS Wire, I am sure you will appreciate the book as well. 

I have stuffed the book with some of the best ideas, insights and models that I have collected or created over the years, including models such as The Collaboration Pyramid and The Knowledge Work Capability Framework. 

The book, which will be in color, will contain over 50 informative and useful illustrations. 

I have set up a Facebook page dedicated to the book where you will find news and information about the book, such as when and where it will be available. I also intend to use it to host a discussion about the subjects I cover in the book, as well as a feedback channel to help me improve on the book.

You will soon be able to download a free sample chapter from the book and pre-order the book at a discounted price from Intran√§tverk. Later this fall, the book will be available for purchase via Amazon and iTunes as well. 

So stay tuned!


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