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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A personal retrospective of 2010

3:13:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg 1 comment
When looking back at 2010, I found some highlights that I summed up in order to support my sometimes failing memory. So, why not share them?

  • Talked about the strategic value of social intranets at the "Sociala Intranät 2010" conference in Stockholm.
  • We ran a very successful Acando seminar called "The Social Intranet" in four locations in Sweden: Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö and Linköping. The presentation from this seminar series, "The Social Intranet" was selected Top Presentation of The Day at Slideshare and topped the most viewed, favorited and downloaded lists for a few days (just as my recent presentation "The Great Promise")
  • The last week of October I went to Frankfurt to participate at the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT. In addition to speaking about the value and issues associated with transparency at the "Governing Enterprise 2.0 Risks" session (video, slide deck), I had the fortune to meet and share ideas and experiences with many other practitioners, thought leaders and evangelists.
  • The day after the summit I participated at the connect.BASF Day at BASF in Ludwigshafen. Besides talking about the business value of social networking and how to facilitate adoption, I learned a great deal about social networking and community building at BASF. Many thanks to Luis, Cordelia and CheeChin for giving me this opportunity.
  • Did a keynote about Enterprise 2.0 and the value and issues related to transparency at the ISACA Day arranged by the Swedish chapter of ISACA.
  • Ran a very successful combined seminar and workshop with the IT strategic council at Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) about how social principles, practices and technologies can be used to serve citizens and government.
Other stuff
On top of this and my assignments for various customers, I also managed to write a few blog posts for The Content Economy blog. Interestingly, two of my blog posts account for more than 17% of all the traffic to my blog during 2010:
I wrote these during my summer vacation; yet evidence that it often helps to let things go for a while in order to make good and deep reflections.

However, all these things stand small when compared to the birth of my daughter Juni, my fourth child, in July this year. :-)

Happy New Year to you all - and be careful out there!


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