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Monday, August 16, 2010

Be good

4:16:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg 1 comment
The increasing transparency that follows the digitalization of our lives and work is a delicate and complex matter.

At work, the increasing transparency poses an immediate threat to people who repeatedly make bad decisions because they’re not competent enough for their jobs, who hide from their responsibilities, who conspire and intrigue against others to defend or strengthen their positions, or who hoard information and censor information flows hoping to gain personal competitive advantages. For obvious reasons they don’t want to have these - often socially and morally - unacceptable decisions and actions (or lack thereof) put on display.

In tomorrow’s business environment, transparency will be the new black. Traits such as honesty, directness, authenticity, openness, and respectfulness will not just look good in the age of transparency – they will be necessary for staying in business.

I guess there’s a simple advice to all of us... 

Be good.


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