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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting facts from the Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009

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"How do consumers engage with brands in an increasingly digital world? That’s the fundamental question we set out to answer with this year’s FEED report...//...Our goal was to survey what we call “connected consumers.”...these “connected consumers” roughly mirror the U.S. population with broadband access...roughly 200 million people."
I've just read "The Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report 2009" which was released yesterday. Although I am not in the advertising / marketing business, I find it important to learn about consumer trends. Today, consumers are shaping the future of the web, and thereby also the way businesses need to do business. We also bring our attitudes and behaviors as well as the technologies we use as consumers to work.

Here are some interesting facts from the report:
  • 65% of consumers report having had a digital experience that either positively or negatively changed their opinion about a brand.
  • Of that group, a nearly unanimous 97% say that their digital experience influenced whether or not they eventually purchased a product or service from that brand.
  • 73% have posted a product or brand review on a web site like Amazon, Yelp, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • 64% of consumers report making a first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience.
  • 57% of consumers have actively customized their homepages with specific content feeds, scheduled updates, or used other features
  • 84% share links or bookmarks with a friend with some frequency
  • 55% subscribe to RSS feeds with some frequency
  • an increasing number are getting news from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • 84% of consumers rely on the web to get current news or information
  • 56% of “connected consumers” own a smartphone. BlackBerry and Apple, to no great surprise, are the most popular—and overwhelmingly so.
Below is the report on Slideshare:


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