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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enterprise 2.0 for dummies

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Executing a process is “easy”. If nothing unexpected happens, it's just routine.

Inventing the process, designing and implementing it, fixing it when it is broken, continuously improving it, quickly adapting it to new conditions, capturing and incorporating the voice of the customer into it, getting people on board and making them feel part of it, developing and capturing our knowledge about it, and reinventing it and what comes out of it so that we can stay competitive - THAT is not easy.

It comes without saying that all those things are higly dependant on humans and our ability to find, trust, connect, communicate, interact, share and collaborate with each other - across time, space and organizational barriers. This is true even for executing a process, regardless of how easy it might seem in comparison to those other things. We need to get together and do these things in collaboration because we simply cannot do them alone.

Now to the point...

Whenever new possibilities to find, trust, connect, communicate, interact, share and collaborate emerge, the ways in which enterprises are operated and managed will be profoundly altered and, most likely, also considerably improved by any measure we use.

The social web, or social software if you like, brings us a wealth of new possibilities across this spectra.

Seeing and understanding these new possibilities, translating them into a business context, and applying them gracefully to a business - that, to me, is Enterprise 2.0 in a nutshell.


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