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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding a common ground for ECM and Enterprise 2.0

9:02:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg , 2 comments
Yesterday, I posted the following tweet on Twitter:
How would you describe the interface between #ECM and #Enterprise 2.0? Blurry?
In my mind, ECM and E2.0 are both about content and collaboration, but each discipline has a different emphasis. ECM puts emphasis on capturing, managing and delivering content, and collaboration is a key component in that process. Enterprise 2.0 puts emphasis on collaboration and knowledge exchange, where content is a key component.

I got two great replies to my tweet from Deb Louison Lavoy (@deb_lavoy):
#1 not blurry. content is the substrate and the product of work. collab, content, proj mgt are explicitly intertwined

#2 i think the goal is to marry process and collaboration in a way that makes both more effective
I totally agree with this.

However, it is my belief that we need a common ground to achieve this goal. The main challenge is to marry the Enterprise 2.0 and ECM disciplines (meaning the practitioners = the people).
Below is a first attempt to illustrate the need for a common ground.

It is just 20 minutes old and I haven't yet detailed my reasoning in text, so I'd be happy for some comments (replace E2.0 with collaboration and ECM with content, then you might be able to follow my thoughts better).

John Manchini (@jmancini77) also reminded us that AIIM has a survey out on this topic.


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