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Monday, March 9, 2009

How BBC uses Twitter as a journalistic tool

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"BBC News, Twitter and suits" by Darren Waters:
...in the past 24 months it is clear that Twitter has become another tool or conduit in our reporting. So how do we use it?
  1. Talking to and responding to queries from readers, fellow professionals and colleagues.
  2. Asking the audience questions and using the crowd as a source of information
  3. Reporting updates, breaking news, and giving colour and texture
  4. Pushing out headlines and blogposts to Twitter via RSS and TwitterFeed.com
  5. Getting a very fast and very global sense of events
  6. Using hashtags to find viewpoints around breaking news as well as a source of user generated content
  7. Unifying different threads of reporting - news website, blog, Flickr etc
One of the biggest lessons I think we are beginning to learn from Twitter is in understanding the value of having a simple technology both to deliver and publish breaking news updates.

Twitter excels in its ubiquity and simplicity across different platforms and reveals the value in delivering real-time, sequential updates around breaking news.


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