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Friday, February 27, 2009

Keeping employees engaged in their work in the current economic climate

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Below is a presentation by David Gurteen from a Knowledge Café session with BT. 

Slide 8 tells you why engaged employees are important for your business (The IT services company HCL build their business philoshy on this insight)

Slide 14 is about how BT is improving employee engagement. Most, if not all of it, is relevant to any business. The common denominator is the need for more, richer, more efficient and more interactive communication. Examples:
More regular frequent feedback
More comments and conversations
Clarity around future direction
Making leaders visible, accessible, public commitments
Enhancing the employee experience at key touchpoints – recruitment, induction, transition etc
This build this cause and effect chain, that business results come from engaged employees,  is not rocket science - it is social science. Which, by the way is often more complex than putting a man on the moon. 


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