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Monday, February 16, 2009

Information has no form, yet we spend our lives trying to give it form

1:25:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg , , No comments

We spend our lives to give information form. But we constantly confuse the information with the medium. Information = the message that we try to communicate by using different media.

I also recommend you to read my post "Information Management Principle #1: Information cannot be managed" which explains the main implications that this insight has when it comes to the discipline of Information Management:
...we cannot manage information and knowledge with technology. This is because information and knowledge exist only in our own heads. What we can do however is to try to conceptualize what we know and encoded it into content - text, images, sound and video. We can also try to identify the intended receivers and make the content available to them. But we cannot guarantee that they will understand what we are trying to say to them or that they will act as we want them to even if they do understand. We can only hope that they get our message and that it is persuasive enough and that they have the motivation required to act as we want them to.


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