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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gartner: Enterprise web 2.0 is ready for prime time

2:59:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg 2 comments
In a Garner briefing in Stockholm last week, Mark Raskino, VP and Gartner fellow in the Emerging Trends group of Gartner Research, gave a talk about "Business, IT and the Recession":
"CEOs need new ways to strengthen culture, values and trust as relationships of all kinds are stress-tested."
One of Raskino's points was that in we have now seen "the trust of decades trashed in hours" (referring to the financial crisis). He also pointed out that "human decision makers made frail by the speed of the programmed & connected world". As a consequence of this business trust issue, Gartner sees real possibility of business taking the social web / Web 2.0 seriously.

The key issues are about establishing openness, transparency, trust and relationships. Pretty much what Enterprise 2.0 is about.


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