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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Upcoming seminar: Maximizing the value of information in tough times

I am arranging the Acando seminar "Maximizing the value of information in tough times" (Swedish: "Maximera värdet av information i tuffa tider") that will take place in Gothenborg April 16 and Stockholm April 21 2009.

The seminar consists of three tracks, all of which will be held in Swedish:
  • Enterprise 2.0 - for easier collaboration and knowledge exchange (Enterprise 2.0 – för enklare samarbete och kunskapsutbyte) 
  • Information Governance - a precondition for delivering the right information to the right person (Informationsstyrning – en förutsättning för rätt information till rätt person)
  • Information as a Service - the key to making fast and correct decisions (Information as a Service – nyckeln till rätt beslut snabbt)
It is now possible to register for the seminars on Acando's web site. You register for a specific track. There will be an introduction session common for all tracks where we will introduce you toInformation Management by Acando.

The track "Enterprise 2.0 - easier collaboration and knowledge exchange" will be held by me and Henrik Gustafsson and it will specifically address how new web technologies and new ways of thinking and working can be used to improve communication and collaboration and how that can help you to make projects and teams more efficient, build collective intelligence and reduce you environmental footprint.

Please note that the seminar is intended for customers, not competitors ;-) 


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