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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Huge drop in Feedburner subscriber stats - and no explanation from Google

1:11:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg 3 comments
Three days ago, the number of subscribers in the Feedburner stats dropped with around 50%. This kind of sudden drop in the stats has happened before, but this is the third day with 50% less subscribers.  

I am not really worried, the stats will probably recover soon. Or maybe not. But why no information from Google? Why doesn't Google have a Feedburner blog or some other kind of communication channel for spreading news and supporting conversations about Feedburner, such as reporting issues?

Here are some voices about the drop in Feedburner subscriber stats from around the blogosphere. Some are trying to explain the drop with that idle e-mail subscribers are removed, but this is not likely to account for the drop in my stats as I just recently activated the feature to subscribe to e-mail.

What is currently happening with Feedburner stats? Is Google somehow updating the service, because in the last few days I have seen a huge drop in Google Feedfetch numbers within Feedburner. I thought I would also spend sometime trolling around the web to see if other sites have been affected by this situation and what I have noticed is that all sites have been affected by this. I was hoping Feedburner might be able to let us know if they are updating this system and why there are such drastic changes.

So went over to couple of blogs and found out the same issue.. maybe feedburner should look into this sooner.This isn’t the first time we are facing such a issue.. 
Feedburner seems to be underreporting subscriber numbers today, despite Tuesdays figures usually being the highest.

Blogstorm has lost a couple of hundred but John Chow looks to be down 4,000.

Anybody else seeing this
Thanks for blogging about this! Yes, mine are down by about 150 today from yesterday…
An update… today the count is back up 150+. Did you see the same bounce back Patrick and Matthew?

Apparently…there was a glitch at Feedblitz (email RSS system). My big 1000 leap was nothing but fairy dust. Back down to a lowly 3138 subscribers today
No sooner had I spoken than FB is reporting another outlandish figure. Today I have 5852 subscribers to Sciencebase.com, pretty soon the blogosphere is going to lose faith in FB altogether (whether that’s Feedblitz alone, or Feedburner being dragged down with it)


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