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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When will the recession end? I know the answer

6:40:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg 1 comment
Hold on, why even ask that question now? Hasn't the recession just started? Aren't we just seeing the dawn of itÅ

We'll, by sharing the answer I might contribute to that the recession might end earlier. So here it is:

A recession will end when the number of good news exceeds the number of bad news and has done so for a while (a year or so).

Read the newspaper. We are very far from that right now. In fact, we are all contributing to the rapidly growing pile of bad news by writing, talking and commenting about all the bad stuff that is going on in the global economy. It is human nature to dwell in it. To turn this thing around, we need huge amounts of sunshine news for a long time. And we need to be in the mood for sunshine news.

Imagine if everybody would buy the things they want or need instead of saving their money for later or waiting for prices to fall until they buy. If those who have money in the matress would put it in the bank. If all people would start talking about the good news that is out there somewhere. Then the economy could very well bounce back up again. But that won't happen. We are just not in the mood. Right now, we are in the mood for a recession.

Could the conversations going on online, such as what is said on this blog and elsewhere in the blogosphere, help to change our mood? Can we find, produce and share the amount of good news that are needed - with the stamina needed - to turn this thing around? What an incredible moment in history it would be.


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