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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Translating feeds from Swedish to English in Google Reader

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I tried the new "Translate into my language" feature in Google Reader today. It translates a feed into your preferred language in Google Reader. As I have English as my preferred language in Google Reader (my native tongue is Swedish), the feature translates the feeds from Swedish blogs that I follow from Swedish to English. It works pretty well, but far from perfect. Below are a couple of translations: 

"The ubik man" / "Den ubika människan" by Per Axbom:
Ubik (or ubiquitous) means that something is always present and alway everywhere. The idea of ubiquitous computing is that computers are embedded in our daily seemingly invisible but always present. Worldwide currently.

Ubik people

Similarly, we can talk about the ubik man: a person at the same time choosing to be present at MSN and Google Talk, micro-blogs on Jaiku, update status on Facebook, view the relationship flows at Link edIn and debating on blogs industriously. A ubik man is everywhere, all the time, nor bound by the company walls or borders - in a way that is only possible in today's IT age.
"File Ride - a social network, based on interest" / "Fileride - Ett socialt nätverk baserat på intresse" by Daniel Nüüd at Mindpark:
File Ride is a social networking startup with roots in Stockholm, based on a different premise. Namely, to get to know people. Depending on which files you have on your computer, what songs, playlists, YouTube clips, movies, or photo you choose to share with us on your Social file ride profile, created a community of people with the same interests, whims and fancies. Add interest you, We add friends!

I see it as the File Ride takes over where Facebook ends. I am a devoted Facebook users just like so many others, but some feel like that you can not come there anymore. I have 471 friends on Facebook. My account has been turned into a city that has become too small. I have grown from the Face Books municipality. Apart from the occasional friend request a little now and then you can not find as many new faces. It is still an excellent forum for keeping track of existing friends, but not optimal when it comes to finding new ones. There are often considered intrusive to try to be friend with a Facebook is not known, and the attempt met frequently with the answer: Who the f - n are you?
The translation feature in Google Reader definately makes it easier to share content across different languages. The cost of manually translating a blog post or article is often a barrier that keeps information from flowing inbetween different languages.

By the way, "f - n" should be translated to "f - k". There is obviously some room for improvement. ;-)


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