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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

12 quick steps to improve MOSS 2007 for collaboration

5:34:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg No comments

I have been using MOSS 2007 for collaboration in virtual team deliveries for more than a year now. Based on that experience, here is my list of things that you can do to make collaboration a quicker, leaner and simpler experience in MOSS 2007:

  1. Make the log on procedure as simple (few steps) as possible.
  2. Make "My Site" to the start page" and allow users to customize (extend default navigaton options) global navigation.
  3. Place visible links (buttons) to collaborative tools such as instant messenger, mail and web conferencing tool in the top navigation so that users have them readily available and get reminded about using them.
  4. Use a logo for each site to make it easy for users to identify where they are.
  5. Select a theme that makes it easy to visually separate the content from user interface elements (since the MOSS 2007 GUI is so visually cluttered).
  6. Enable posting to blogs via e-mail (and possibly SMS) so users can post to blogs via their mobile phones.
  7. Simplify the administration of user alerts so that those who follow a blog can receive the latest posts via mail – which can be read on mobile phones as well.
  8. Make sure you can retrieve RSS feeds outside the firewall and read them via Outlook Web Access and mobile phones equipped with Windows Mobile.
  9. Make the search result more visually appealing and display a small user profile of the person who owns the content.
  10. All user profiles should include presence and the possibility to contact the user via IM or mail.
  11. Make it easy to discover what is happening by provide separate overview pages blogs and wikis. On these pages you should list which blogs and wikis have most members, are most frequently updated, which posts or pages which has been most viewed or edited and so on.
  12. By default, a site should be open for anyone to access and contribute to. Restricting access should be a conscious act.

There are of course much more that can be done, especially if you bring more extensive customization and third-party tools into the picture. I would be happy to hear about your experiences, opinions and tips on how to improve MOSS 2007 for collaboration.


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