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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sign of the times

8:51:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg No comments
With the word "Economy" as part of the title of our blog, it is not all that surprising that some people find this blog while they look for information about the current financial crisis and how it might impact the economy and themselves. The last weeks the most commonly used search keywords are:

"what's the worst that could happen with the economy" and "how does the economy crash effect people as individuals¨ (in slightly different variations) .

The search statistics also show that a lot can be done to improve relevancy in search. I don't believe we have ever written about what's the worst that could happen to the economy or how it effects people as individuals. When writing this I am also aware that more people will find this blog when searching for an answer to these questions since I have written the questions in this post. So I feel obliged to provide an answer:

The worst that could happen with economy is that people will loose their homes and their money at the bank and that they stop consuming things, which in turn might lead to that they loose their jobs if they hadn't done that already before they lost their homes. The overall economy will shrink and there will be less tax money to use for education, healthcare, infrastructure investments and military expenses.


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