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Monday, October 13, 2008

An extensive list of Social Media marketing examples

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I came across a list with examples of companies and how they use social media marketing via David Gurteens blog Gurteen Knowledge-Log. Peter Kim has compiled the list and here is one of the entries on the list just to give you a taste of it:

The list started out with 131 brands and a month later it, with contributions from 81 community members, it had grown with over 100 new brands to a total of 234 brands.

Maybe it is time to launch a wiki or add it to Wikipedia that allows collaborative editing of the list?

By the way, Peter Kim defines social media marketing as follows:

"Interaction between a company and individual via [digital] delivery channels, intended to share commercial content that will lead to a sale and/or be passed along to others."

A nice and clear definition. I think it is time to update the definition at Wikipedia.

The word cloud below that Peter has created from the list at wordle.net gives an indication of the most popular ways to do social media marketing. Interesting to see that "Microblogging" and "Twitter" seem to be as popular as "video" and "YouTube"


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