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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who owns the letter I in the Google alphabet

3:31:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg No comments

O'Reilly Radar reports that Google has added Google Suggest to their homepage:

"When Google suggest first-launched Buster McLeod (AKA Erik Benson) checked the suggested term for each letter to create the Google Alphabet, 2004 edition."

"In honor of Google Suggest graduating from labs", Brady Forrest has provided the annotated Google Alphabet, 2008 edition. Notable for a Swede like me is that IKEA owns the letter "I". A former (american) business partner of mine provided the following analysis:

"The exact method Google uses to choose the default "Suggestion" is not publicly known. It's actually not based only on the quantity of searches. In any case, Google thinks it's more valuable to users to show IKEA first."

"Interestingly Walmart, one of only two traditional retailers whose website has more traffic than IKEA, didn't get the 'W' (because Google thinks Wikipedia is more relevant)."


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