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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Challenges Information Managers Must Master In 2008

"Top Challenges Information Managers Must Master In 2008" as seen by the Editorial Staff at DM Review:

Moving content management throughout the enterprise. If you concentrate on some facet of enterprise content management (ECM), you know the challenge of getting business people to actually use the content system instead of relying on the old way of doing things. And now it’s getting more complicated as business people’s expectations continue to change through their use of new technologies that can store content in the cloud.

Evolving collaboration strategies to reflect the way people work.
If you focus on collaboration, there’s not only the constant issue of Microsoft versus IBM, but now the ante has been raised with questions like “Should I bring Google into the picture?” or “Should we use wikis instead of document management?” coming from all corners within the

Dealing with a changing data management landscape.
If you concentrate on data management and decision support, then recent consolidation in the BI market created more work for you. Plus, data governance issues continue to grow, driven by increasing interest in data warehousing appliances, metadata management, and master data management.


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