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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Words of wisdom by Tom Davenport on Information Management

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Bertrand Duperrin is kind to share his summary of an interview given by Tom Davenport to the french economic newspaper “Les Echos”. Here is what Tom recommends:

  • stop thinking about plumbing (technology) and focus on water (information)
  • wonder why, although information management relies up to 5% on technology and 95% on pyschology (Tom Peters), companies dedicate less 1% of their budgets to human issues.
  • start by mapping information’s presence within the company (without waiting for Information Management Systems to be deployed)
  • break informatician’s leadership on information management
  • help archivists to master new information management jobs
  • follow the example of television and press in information sharing

You really should approach Information Management in this way.


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