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Monday, February 11, 2008

Security 2.0 - protecting us from stupidity?

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From wonderwebby by Jasmin Tragas:
"People are moving more frequently from job to job, within a company or between them, in the same city or moving to the other side of the globe. Employers not considering how employees can transfer their knowledge and continue their personal learning and development between jobs and companies, are failing to meet the real needs of their employees personal development. This restricts the potential influence of new knowledge, social knowledge networks and innovation into the company culture."

From "Sensitive data 'impossible' to protect" by Robert Jaques:

"No matter how sophisticated a company's IT system is it is impossible completely to protect sensitive information, UK researchers warned today. The research was led by Professor Gerard Hodgkinson, director of the Centre for Organisational Strategy, Learning and Change at Leeds University."

"'Our research shows that organisations will never be able to remove all latent risks in the protection and security of data held on IT systems, because our brains are wired to work on automatic pilot in everyday life,' he said...//... If we considered and analysed the risks involved in every permutation of every situation we would never get anything done...//...If I make a cup of tea, I do not stop to weigh up the probability of spilling boiling water on myself or choking on the drink."


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