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Friday, January 25, 2008


"SOA + Web 2.0 = higher business IQ" by Joe McKendrick:
"Don Tapscott, who broke new ground in 1996 with his book, The Digital Economy: The Promise and Peril of Network Intelligence, and recently co-authored Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, said that -Web 2.0 and service oriented architecture are really becoming a new mode of production.' He elaborated that these new approaches are -changing the ways that we innovate, the ways that we make decisions, the ways that we collaborate, and the ways that companies engage with the rest of the world.'"

"Molson’s Katrina Coyle also credits SOA with reshaping her company’s ability to compete in a fast-changing and often fickle market. 'One of the terrific things that we’ve had in the last year is service oriented architecture,” she explained. “We can now deliver information to our business in any way they want…. we can drive information through emails, text, BlackBerries, and widgets. If we have issues anywhere in the supply chain, we can get that information out in real time to supply chain managers.'"

"IBM bolsters SOA with AptSoft buy" by Shaun Nichols in Information World Review:

"IBM has purchased AptSoft Corporation in an effort to boost its presence in the service oriented architecture (SOA) market AptSoft enables customers to capture events as they happen with an intuitive user interface designed for business analysts," said Tom Rosamilia, general manager of IBM WebSphere software.

The software allows businesses to respond to market trends or possible risks more quickly and accurately.

IBM plans to insert the AptSoft technology into a number of different products, including WebSphere, Tivoli and Information Management offerings. The company also plans to develop RFID and web service products with AptSoft's software"

Finally, how you might feel when someone tells you to "SOA" your product and you take a closer look at what you have in front of you:

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