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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A few voices on why information governance is important

"Delivering Information Governance or just flogging more kit?" by Ramesh Manghirmalani:

FEW WOULD disagree that their corporate information is probably their biggest strategic asset.../...The problem with corporate information is that it’s inevitably locked up in silos that range in size from one person’s head to another through departments and regions...//...Unlocking such information is a huge challenge that needs to cross the boundaries of technology, politics, people and processes. This is probably one of the biggest challenges faced by reasonably sized organizations.

Here's a press release from Gartner on the subject - "Gartner Says Start Managing Information, Not Just Technology":
Gartner predicts that organisations who do not approach information management in a coordinated, enterprise manner, will fail in the first or second year at a rate of more than 90 per cent. Many organisations want to exploit their information assets and address issues surrounding information overload in order to achieve their efficiency, transparency and differentiation objectives. At the same time, they want to ensure appropriate safeguards and measures are in place to protect sensitive information and minimise risk. Despite the recognition of the importance of the issue, many organisations do not have formal information governance programmes, or coordinated information management strategies in place.

“IT professionals have focused for too long on technology and not enough on information,” said David Newman, research vice-president at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. “The business expects to have the right information at the right time to get the job done. It also expects information to be accurate and consistent. Furthermore, senior management expects that adequate controls and defined accountabilities are in place to assure compliance and reduce risk. That’s why information governance is top-of-mind among any of our clients today.”

Finally, here’s an overview of information governance, "Mike2.0 Information Governance Overview", shared by Sean McClowry from BearingPoint on slideshare.net:


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