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Friday, November 9, 2007

The Real Challenge of Content Integration

2:40:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg , No comments

Many integration problems cannot be solved by designing computer algorithms. For structural dissonance it is possible, but not if there is some kind of semantic dissonance between (what appears to be) the same content in two different content sources. The term might be the same, but the meaning of it might differ. Dissonance typically occurs:

  • When translating real world observations or abstract concepts to information (creating the message)

  • When encoding the information into digital content such as text and images (creating the content)

  • When transferring content between one source and another where information models do not match (integrating content)

Experience tells that semantic dissonance is common in most enterprises (a silo effect). Still, many choose to put their trust and hopes into integration software, believing that IT alone will solve their integration problems. Reality is of course that any semantic dissonances need to be resolved first, before content sources are integrated technology-wise.

Much more is to be said about this subject, and I will return with discussions and real-world examples on how information modeling can help enterprises overcome semantic dissonance.


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