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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The democratization of IT forces the CIO role to change?

11:12:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg , No comments
Information Week has an interesting article ("The Evolution Of The CIO" by author John Soat) about how the democratization of technology and Web 2.0 put pressure on changing the role of the CIO.

"End-user-driven technologies such as software as a service, social networking, mashups, and wikis are contributing to what the University of Michigan's Krishnan calls 'the democratization of technology,' shifting IT responsibilities to business units and pressuring the CIO position to change. Rogow hits on an important point: There's a perception that IT departments in general, and CIOs in particular, are at best order takers and at worst control freaks."

"The irony is that for years, IT managers have been trying to get business decision-makers more engaged in technology. Now that it's happening, many want to shut it down."

"Savvy business execs increasingly are aware of new technology trends and eager to have their companies embrace them. If there isn't a focal point for that change--i.e., the CIO--change will happen ad hoc: marketing guys looking at marketing solutions, finance guys looking at finance solutions. All those disparate systems will generate important corporate data that's spread across various business units"


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