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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Open Text product launches reveal new strategy

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"Content Services form the basis for Open Text’s next-generation content management framework and takes a unique, repository-agnostic approach to ECM, thereby eliminating the content and process silos created by different business systems by detaching the information worker experience from the underlying content repositories." (OpenText)

Open Text has just launched three new ECM products: Open Text Enterprise Connect, Open Text Enterprise Process Services and Open Text Enterprise Library Services. In other words, Open Text is splitting up their Livelink ECM product into several collections of services to be used for content management within enterprises. I personally believe it to be a smart (and necessary) strategy for an ECM vendor. It potentially means that customers only interested in implementing basic content services such as library services and want them to be a part of their enterprise infrastructure, or want to start implementing those before adding more advanced ECM services, can choose to do so. They can be used to support the entire range from ad hoc performed content activities to structured content processes. For the latter, the customer can implement Open Text Enterprise Process Services. Or they can implement process services from another vendor. It is a move away from monolithic (or fragmented) ECM products and a step into the service-oriented world.

The cynic in me wanted to write something about potential issues related to such things as compatibility and integration in this post, but I chose not to listen to him this time.


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