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Friday, September 7, 2007

Defining The Workers

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What is the difference between an information worker and a knowledge worker? Are there any differences? Some argue there aren't, that it is confusing to talk about information workers and knowledge workers. Maybe so. But with the basic definitions of information and knowledge sorted out, it is in fact possible - and desirable - to make a distinction between information workers and knowledge workers. Here is an attempt.

The Information Worker

  • Defines the message that the content product is to transmit to a specific audience.
  • Decides what needs to be said, to whom, why it needs to be said and what effects the message should give.

The User Experience Worker

  • Defines and designs the content product and what overall experience that the audience should get when perceiving and interacting with the content product, including everything surrounding it that might affect this experience.

The Content Worker

  • Defines and creates the format and components of the message so that it can be produced, managed and delivered efficiently and securely to the right audience.
  • Decides what types of content to use for encoding the message, if/what existing content that can be reused and how it shall be described.

The Data Worker

  • Works with the smallest pieces of content used for the content product (“facts and figures”).
  • Ensures that the data are made available for producing, managing and delivering the content product.
  • Focuses on efficient storage and retrieval of (usually) large volumes of data.

The Knowledge Worker

  • The intended receiver of the message, the consumer of a content product.
  • Perceives, interprets and tries to understand the message from the content product as the receiver intended it to be understood.
  • Reflects on and applies the message to achieve business (and/or personal) objectives.


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