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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bertrand Duperrin Hits The Head On The Nail About Enterprise 2.0 - Twice

12:28:00 PM Posted by Oscar Berg , , No comments
Betrand Duperrin twice hits the head on the nail when commenting the ongoing (fruitless) debate on Enterprise 2.0 between Davenport and McAfee:

"I don’t really see in what asking whether 2.0 tools are an evolution or a revolution is relevant. The fact is there are tools and demands to use them in a professional context. Saying similar tools already existed and didn’t change a thing is neglecting what really matters : there is now a demand for new organizational practices that didn’t exist before, for the simple reason that business has changed, production has changed, immaterial is exceeding material, people have different needs to achieve their work, the way people use computers in their private sphere radically changed too, building a new emerging culture....//...The question is not about tools, it’s about the demand tools meet."

"...Another point is they talked a lot about tools, a little about people..and not about the enterprise by itself. That’s neglecting what I think is central : enterprise 2.0 is to make people more efficient to do their daily job that’s to say to achieve enterprise’s driven goals in an organizational pattern defined by the enterprise itself."

Now, let's leave this debate and focus on how to achieve results in an enterprise context by adopting and implementating (Web 2.0) Enterprise 2.0 technologies.


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