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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The World Could Make A Crowd

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To collaborate in public forums by means of wiki-technology can be extremly powerful as we have seen the past couple of years. It seems that more and more organizations are implementing or encouraging collective intelligence initiatives which is great but I think that there are many lessons still to be learned why it is interesting to follow all the current experiments as well as the work of the MIT Center that started last year on the subject.

One of the projects that the Center has participated in is the networked business book We Are Smarter Then Me that is to be published in the fall. The idea was to see if a community of authors could write a book better than individual experts. From reading the great Gilbane Group report it has been an interesting journey but maybe not the best result.

Another project using the same concept is the A Million Penguins novel that now has turned in and the experiences of this crowdwriting project seem to be similar when you read the obituary from the publisher.

There is clearly some type of packaged content that is hard to produce collectively but then again the nature of the wiki-book is not a one version story which is eloquently put in a recent booktwo.org post.


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