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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What To Expect From Web 3.0

9:06:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg 2 comments
With web 3.0 content is truly separated from application and presentation.

I can bring my content with me, or rather access my - one and only - content repository from any one location.

I can access and manipulate my content with the web based application of choice using any device.

I can easily share my own content with others and get access to content someone wants to share with me - through any application or device.

I do not have to spend time organizing files in a file system. Instead, I organize the content in my repository with smart tagging tools that are so easy and natural to use that I don't let any new content pass without being tagged. My content never gets disorganized. I do some fine tuning with the help of artificial intelligence that learns how I want to organize the content to find it easier, but otherwise I do not care too much about organizing things.

The applications I use are seamlessly integrated with each other and I can put together my own portfolio of (free) applications. I easily swap between different apps. Instead of jumping between tabs or browser windows or relying on the order in which the application provider presents navigation options, I can quickly put together my on apps portal interface and define in which order and where I want the navigation options to appear on the screen.

I sign in once when I sign in on the device, and then access content and all applications that I am authorized to access without having to sign in again.

When I start producing new content, the application I use automatically searches my own repository and the web for similar and related content from trusthworthy sources. It helps me produce what I need faster and with better quality, or helps me avoid producing the same content over again just because I am not aware that it has already been produced by me or someone else on the web.

I pay for the apps that I use and the content repository by either accepting advertising or by paying a monthly subscription fee. If I change from one app to a another, that application provider will get its share of my subscription fee instead.


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