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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why a Business Should Blog

9:53:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg , No comments

One might ask what a business might get out of blogging. Well, here are some benefits that I believe should be enough to motive a lot of businesses to launch a corporate blog:

  • It shows that you are passionate about your business, including your customers.
  • It forces you to think and reflect about your business, which is an absolute neccessity for continuous improvement of the business.
  • It is an easy, low-cost, relaxed and efficient way of communicating with your customers, new customers and partners. For example, you can communicate news faster and showcase achievements, skills and knowledge. Simply put - inexpensive marketing.
  • The interactive nature of a blog encourages dialogue between you and your customers, as well as customer-to-customer. It will give them a feeling of belonging to a community. Your community.
  • It can help you get in contact with new business partners, providing you with a platform for new business ideas and opportunities.
  • It can help to drive traffic to the corporate web site. Sites that are updated frequently are higher ranked by search engines. The blog will probably have more (searchable) content than the corporate web site, providing new ways to find the blog and your company via search engines.


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