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Sunday, March 18, 2007

What About Basic Content Services?

9:58:00 AM Posted by Oscar Berg No comments
Basic Content Services have been announced by Gartner as the next big thing within the content management arena. BSC addresses the need to help individuals and teams to manage their own and shared content, content that is not mission critical and would not quality to be managed in an enterprise repository.

The emergence of BCS is just another evidence of the need to provide different content management solutions for different levels within an organization, from the personal level to the enterprise level. BSC and ECMS are simply responding to different content management needs and will need to co-exist and leverage each other in an organization. The basic need that most of us have is to get simple tools to organize, manage and share our content, tools that are easy to access and use, and that can be used independently of what device that is used to access the content and what application the content is created and manipulated with. BSC addresses just that, providing us with tools for metadata management and content classification together with some basic library services such as versioning and check in/check out.

I will follow up on this post with a more in-depth analysis of Basic Content Services. Are there really any realistic offers on the market now? What do they offer? And, wouldn't basic content services be an natural extension of an operating system, as services just above the file system (or repository) that can be used by any application?


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