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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Content Services Landscape

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One of the main reasons that many enterprises need a strategic approach to enterprise content management is because of the diversity and proliferation of content services. Today it is relevant to talk about a landscape of content services that needs to be governed by the enterprise.

What is included in such a landscape? A high-level representation may consist of:

  • Interaction services: Creation, delivery and access services and also business specific content solutions
  • Collaboration services: Includes ad-hoc teaming to structured workflow and process orchestration
  • Management services: Core services for managing webs, documents, records, digital assets, e-mail etc
  • Integration services: Support for different back-end applications, repositories, archives etc

A high-level picture of the landscape and its services can be used as a communication tool to:

  • Clarify the purpose of the services and their relationships
  • Present service management responsibilities
  • Portray the flow and processing of content
  • Illustrate how the services support business processes
  • Highlight strategic choices and the evolution of the landscape
  • Position providers and platforms
  • Etc etc

The landscape as described above does not claim to be the final view of enterprise content management services but has in many cases proven to be a good starting point. It should always be adjusted and detailed to suit different needs and situations.


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