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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Consolidating Content Applications

8:08:00 PM Posted by Henrik Gustafsson , No comments

Most enterprises have multiple content management applications, often divided into the traditional domains of document management, web content management, records management and so forth.

They often want to get content services from fewer vendors enabling better control over e.g. costs associated to multiple application management and ease the burden of content integration.

The reason behind their heterogeneous content application landscape is often a lack of ECM strategy and governance. Through a consolidation initiative, the business can get a better understanding of costs and complexities associated to their content applications.

A good start is to:

  • Define a content management strategy covering the whole enterprise or area of consideration
  • Establish a governance model to guide investments and requirement prioritisations
  • Launch a program or team that secures the realisation of the strategy and guides application management and implementation projects


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