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Monday, February 19, 2007

Components Of An ECM Strategy

10:41:00 PM Posted by Henrik Gustafsson , 1 comment

Knowing where you are, where to go, and how to get there is a basic requirement in orientation. Any strategy includes these components.

Many enterprises do not seem to do this basic orientation when it comes to ECM. Maybe it is because of an uncertainty about what to address in such a strategy?

One way to approach it is to define and position the ECM initiatives and goals, over time, considering the following strategic components:

  • User experience: Explore and meet the user needs and behaviour when interacting with content products and services
  • Content products: Content targeted for specific users and channels
  • Content processes: Development of new services and the continuous creation, management, delivery and evaluation of content products
  • Content resources: Supporting the development processes by
    • Systems: Enabling platform components
    • Sources: Databases, file shares, documents and other content sources
    • Roles: Participants such as editors, administrators, architects etc
  • Governance: Organising roles and responsibilities for efficient enterprise strategic planning, development projects and daily production

The ECM strategy should always be aligned with the business and IT strategy and the capabilities of the human resources and finally fit in the overall architecture.

How hard can it be? ;-)


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