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Monday, February 12, 2007

Are We Finally Ready For Ecomeetings?

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The global business of today is in my opinion a great and fascinating place to work in. It allows vendors to develop products for customers all over the planet which in turn allows customers to find the most competitive services regardless location. With these amazing possibilities come of course also challenges in both business and software development processes. In future contributions to this blog I will give my views on these matters.

The first and in my perspective most disturbing challenge of today is how to take care of our environment in the era of global trade. One evident contributor to an unhealthy environment is of course all the flying we do on behalf of our companies. There are a lot of meetings held everyday where people are forced to catch a flight in the morning, discuss something for 2-3 hours and then fly home the same evening.

I know that it is invaluable and sometimes necessary to meet in person, especially in my role where I often need to collect requirements from the business, but there must be a better way to organize the vast majority of sessions. I believe that one important reason why we meet in person is due to the fact that we are not trained to communicate certain matters in any other way than eye to eye. Another reason could of course be that people like to get away from the daily routines and in the same time earn bonus points for their private travel…

My firm belief is that with good training in available technology in combination with a slightly different way of organizing and preparing for our meetings we will be able to save both time and money as well as reducing the negative impact on our climate.


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